In my work as a Shopify theme developer, I am often asked about the importance of blogs. You don't really need to see any statistics to understand that if you have useful content that others may want to read, it can be shared. And if it can be shared, it can increase your traffic and benefit your site. The key  is to create good content and to stick with it.

Both of these need to be worked on in tandem. If you create good content but give up easily then you've ultimately given up on a potentially great source of traffic. Blog traffic is a great investment that can grow and amplify over time. But you have to stick with it and keep doing it, otherwise it makes your site look stale.

SEO wizard Brian Dean at Backlinko is at it again with 19 wonderful tips for amping up your content, improving pageviews, and thereby your SEO.

Here's a rundown of topics covered:

Tons of great techniques and strategies and things to think about.