We Are Underground has launched the version 7.0 update to the Vantage theme.

Here's what's new:

  • New slideshow layout options for small images with additional text + next slide visibility.
  • New multi-currency update for stores using Shopify payments.
  • New Cart Page Ajaxified quantity inputs allow you to change qty or remove an item while the cart updates automatically.
  • New Cart page design with FAQ's or info within an accordion, a ¬†customer service section at the bottom, and shipping price estimator.
  • New optional Ajaxified modal cart pop up when item added.
  • New optional mini cart - shows when an item has been added to the cart.
  • New breadcrumb and pagination design.
  • New collection filters with a cleaner design.
  • New product page full-width gallery option for products with more than 3 images.
  • New sticky add to cart bar shows when scrolling down a product page.
  • New option to choose between circle or rectangle color swatches.
  • New option to choose between swatches or dropdowns (used to be just swatches).
  • New blog page design.
  • New blog article page design.
  • New scrollbar design.
  • New mega menu option with choices of a list of collections with ¬†images, menu columns, or a mix between the two with menus and images.
  • New home page gallery cards section make for a more dynamic image with text layout.
  • New home page featured collections Slider features multiple collections in a new grid layout.
  • New home page background video section.
  • New sticky checkout bar when scrolling down the cart page.
  • New List/Grid view switcher for collection pages.
  • New Optional announcement bar links.
  • New Home page SEO section.
  • New CSS Animations for smoother loading experience.

We Are Underground is also behind other themes such as Icon, Mr Parker, Fashionopolism, and Testament.